Thursday, 9 February 2012

Mincemeat and Apple Cups

I'm still looking for ways to use up the mincemeat I made for Christmas.  A quick scout round the BBC Good Food website and I found this recipe for Sticky Apple Cups and used the basic idea of scooping out the centre of the apple, but instead of making a mixture of dried fruit and sugar, I filled mine with mincemeat, surrounded them with orange juice and cooked in the microwave on medium for 5-7 minutes until the apples were soft.  I served the apples with vanilla icecream.

It was  a super easy dessert although I would recommend a fork and spoon to scoop out the apple.


  1. definitely time to make some extra room in the fridge and cupboards - I'm in total agreement. I remember Nigel Slater saying this is a great time of year to use up all your half packets of pulses, grains etc too. I hate the way my fridge gets cluttered with jars and sauces, but I also can't bear to waste food - so a timely reminder, thanks!

  2. Great idea to use up your mincemeat. Plus it's one of your five a day. win win :)
    ps you could always have a giveaway of your mincemeat ;)

  3. My opened mincemeat has all gone now Janice, but I may open a new jar just to make these! They look wonderful!

  4. I actually ate half a left-over Christmas pudding last night. The rest is in the fridge and I'm thinking this would be a nice way of using it up i.e stuffing it into apples. yum!

  5. Fantastic. I love baked apples and a lack of waste so this is right up my street! It would make a great breakfast stirred into a little porridge...

  6. I've just made muffins using the last of the Christmas Pudding!!

    This would be a very popular dessert here!


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